Saturday, 10 December 2016

Freelance web designers in Malaysia, Markup Language understanding the needs and preferences of the user

Key aspects of the semantic web. The main components of web 3.0 are met language and representation standards. XML (extensive Markup Language) enables coding for the distribution of complex documents over the Internet. It is a simple technology that, because it complements well with others, can lead to very important results in standardizing and sharing information. It is a text format designed specifically for the transmission of structured data, providing superficial syntax, but without giving any restriction on its meaning. It comes from the SGML language, which is a standard that tries to establish the generic parameters for the definition of documents, applying flexibility and portability to them. Another element of the semantic web is the RDF (Resource Description Framework), which is responsible for establishing relationships between data; While the Platform for the Internet Content Selection (PICS) help determine if displaying certain types of data is convenient or not for the user. The use of PICS has been associated for a long time with the use of the Internet by children, but has other interesting applications, for example in the area of ​​privacy. In addition to all of the above, there are two other elements essential when talking about semantic web. The first of these are ontologies, which are collections of statements that encompass the relationships between concepts and the rules of logic that are necessary to understand and reason with them. The other element is the agents, which are defined as software capable of working continuously and autonomously. It is a kind of personal assistant who will be in charge of making the search for services. According to James A. Handler, the agent must be communicative (understanding the needs and preferences of the user), capable (in the sense of having the capacity to do things for himself), autonomous (able to interact with the environment and make decisions) And with adaptability to the environment. The agent is not limited to searching the requested information, but interacts with the environment to be able to locate the information that best suits the search parameters indicated by the user to whom it is providing service.

Friday, 9 December 2016

extension store and freelance web designers and app developers, MLM software

It has an extension store that offers users to customize all kinds of details and add features. Chrome allows for direct synchronization between devices and is integrated with all Google services, especially with your browser. Unlike Firefox, the big disadvantage of Google Chrome is its lack of privacy. Exceeding Mozilla Firefox privacy options, Tor Browser (Acronym for "The Onion Router Browser") is the browser preferred by those who do not want to leave a trace on the Internet. Tor initial goals are to allow 100% user anonymity and secure browsing. With an initial operation identical to other conventional search engines, Tor offers the user a high degree of personalization of privacy. By contrast, Tor may be slow at times and cause problems on some websites that use a large number of scripts. Although outdated in features by all previous browsers, Opera presents a different functionality that makes it especially attractive: the minimum requirements for operating Opera are very low, which makes it one of the lighter browsers and makes it ideal for computers With little power, MLM Software India Opera also excels by its "turbo mode", which allows lightweight and agile Internet connectivity in slow-connect networks. A perfect browser for limited computers. Maxton Cloud Browser is presented as an alternative to traditional browsers. Without notable features or many changes compared to previous browsers, Maxton is characterized by a very smooth interface and without many options, perfect for users who do not want distractions. It includes good synchronization between devices, a popup blocker, parental control and password auto fill, among other features. A good choice for low power devices. This browser, based, like Google Chrome, in Chromium, is specially designed for the consumption of multimedia content. Specifically, for music playback. It has an integrated Torrent manager that allows to easily download all types of files, MLM Software, It also has Torch Music and Torch Games to facilitate the navigation and reproduction of this content. Being based on Chromium, Torch Browser allows to add to the browser all the available extensions in the store of the Web Store Chrome Store. It is a perfect browser for users with high consumption of multimedia content

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

How technology has helped people with disabilities Freelance app developers

We live in a world where people with disabilities are exposed to a high risk of social exclusion because they have problems to function or communicate.

ICT has evolved rapidly in today, and we must make the most of the minority to engage users.

There are many examples where already adapted the technology to disability, and we want to share with you some of these examples.


It is an association that was created in 2000 nonprofit. Their work is to offer and make technology more accessible to people with disabilities or impaired to communicate.

Nine year old children with cerebral palsy go every day to school and develop their activities normally with assistive this partnership provides, such as a tablet PC with special software and an iPad with keyboard cover.

Also worth mentioning is the case of Rafel, where the use of assistive technology has allowed virtually out of his dorm room, keeping contact with family and friends, after suffering a pentaplejia.

<< Before Internet passed and now is my life. had never wanted to know anything about Facebook and Twitter and now all these virtual spaces are those who serve me out of here >> argues Rafel, while showing how you handle your computer with mouse and suction blow with specific software to speed writing.

Rafel has a digital workstation, which enables you to perform the job of Community Manager who has been engaged for some time.


The Spanish Confederation of People with Physical and Organic (COCEMFE) with the collaboration of the Royal Board on Disability and the Vodafone Spain Foundation, develop an app called "Accessibility Line" will be available for both Android and iOs.

You app allows people with disabilities and citizens communicate to municipalities and agencies of those obstacles and accessibility infrastructure that are in poor condition or that prevent the mobility of people with disabilities.


112 accessible which allows emergency services more accessible, especially for those who can not reach 112 by voice call.

Signslator Castilian translates text into sign language.

It is obvious that the technologies are an opportunity for the integrity of persons with disabilities, so we must engage and encourage the integration of this social group by leveraging ICT offer us, and thus may face the obstacles through technical assistance, which they offer the possibility that these people develop an active and independent life.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Freelance app developers and web designers in Singapore all about PHILIPPE smart watch

Philippe smart watch is aimed at children between 4 and 9 years, and will be marketed in Spain in the coming months, through Telephonic. This Smart watch is also addressed to those parents who still want to buy a mobile to your children.

This device incorporates geolocation and phone, which provides the ability to receive calls and messages in case of emergency. It also has an emergency button that when the child presses a location procedure is activated immediately and call contacts that parents set previously.

A smart watch for children promises to be a great success, provided that parents teach their children to use the device well. Parents should download the app and create an account associated with the clock. And in the case of having more than one child, they can manage multiple clocks in one account.

The watch is very consistent, with bright and bold colors. Launched to mitigate the biggest concerns of every parent: know what your child is doing at all times, and where you are.

In the US it has already begun to market at a price of $ 140 and promises to be a great projection. European market in its price would be about 150 €, but this is just a rumor, we'll have to wait to find out the exact price.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Freelance app developers and web designers usa should we cover Webcam of our computers?

Lately we have seen many news filtering photographs or personal videos, such as filtration of thousands of famous or the case of computer spy who took control of the computers of hundreds of their neighbors in Zaragoza. Examples that demonstrate how vulnerable we are to the technology, and how exposed we are to become victims of these attacks.
The hackers warn us of the importance of covering our webcam, thus, avoid becoming victims of any leak. The security expert, Cheam Alonso has stated how it is becoming more common implementation of this security measure in order to prevent graven us without permission.
This computer tells us that there is malicious software that specialize in webcam enable the infected computers.
And although most webcam incorporate a small LED that lights up when activated, computer spyware can also disable this indicator. And it is that some antivirus or fail to detect such threats.
Today there are many Trojans who engage in cyber espionage under the name Creep ware functions that act by giving them the R.A.T.s (a tool remote control).
The number of users who have suffered such attacks has increased in recent years. Therefore, for our own safety it is best to adequately cover the lens of our webcam with a post-it or sticking plaster.
Then you leave a video of Cheam Alonso, number one in safety, where gives us a little lessons. I ignored him and I've plugged my laptop camera, and you, user can find more information through many freelace app developers in New Zealand or user can can many freelance app developers online like,

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